You remember it too, don’t you? The place where it all started? Well, I do.

It was a late summer evening. We had been running in the forest for hours, and finally made it out. We didn’t know how far after us the royal guards were, but we knew that they were catching up. They had wings, something we didn’t, which made them faster. I was exhausted, and you were on your knees trying to catch your breath, we couldn’t run any farther. That’s when I saw it, the shed. It was in the middle of nowhere. Just a single, run down shed. I pulled you up and we went in. Who would’ve known that it would teleport us to the human world? Or that we wouldn’t be able to make it back? It was the perfect escape. We’ve lived in the human world ever since. Two runaways not meant to be together. I guess god decided to give us a second chance or something. Makes you believe in magic, doesn’t it?


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